Polishing Monzo - a little list?

Or the option for this. I find it useful. Less temptation for me to spend money!!! :joy:



I’d add to fix this visual bug.

Not really polish. But essential: joint pots.


Yeah, being able to set to recurring notes / tags for payments or DDs would be super useful. I need this!

And for regular income that isn’t salary, too!

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  • Ability to set the exact foreign amount to send when sending international payments.

  • Ability to create a pot scheduled payment after choosing the “Scheduled payments” option in the Payments tab.

  • Ability to select a payee after choosing the “Bank transfer” option in the Payments tab.

  • Show “expenses” in transaction feed on Android (already on iOS).

  • Store notes, receipts and category changes made offline then upload them when back online.

Upcoming direct debits in feed

  • If more than two upcoming Direct Debits and Direct Credits, only show two then have an option to expand for the rest. Suggestions for implementation UI:
    • Sort this list of upcoming Direct Debits and Direct Credits in the feed in order of which is happening first then in order of greatest value first (Direct Credits before Direct Debits).
    • The number of upcoming transactions could be shown where you click to expand the list.

Pot creation

  • Ability to create empty pots by adding £0.00 on Android (can already do this on iOS).
  • Remove the skip button in the top right corner of the Add Money screen (remove on iOS & Android).
  • Allow people to choose to add £0.00 by clicking the [ - ] sign on the Add Money screen.

Yes! This. A calendar view would be welcomed, also.


Exporting the dates to your built in phone calendar would be interesting


Ooh - that would be very cool. Imagine that Monzo publishes a (private) calendar that you can open with your preferred diary app that contains past DDs / salary payments in, together with predicted next ones - or even end dates of subscriptions, credit card 0% offers etc. I do some of that manually at the moment, but this would be a big win for me! Great idea, Jack! :smiley:


Yep that’s my thinking, It would then come up on my calendar widget of what’s coming up over the next few days without having to open the Monzo app. ( Although I usually open this numerous times a day anyway :smile: )


Is there the ability to schedule an international payment? If not that would be ideal for some.

  • Ability to hide pulse graph in Home tab

  • Ability to add notes to all transaction types (e.g. currently can’t add notes to income)

  • Provision of in-app status feedback on merchant/logo suggestions (awaiting check, approved, declined, etc)

  • List view for accounts/pots in Account tab

  • Alphabetical order for Payees list in Payments tab


Payee management - being able to create payees with multiple accounts, with the ability to add/delete/edit the account details associated with each payee.


Pot goals - set the amount and end date and have it auto-create a daily/weekly/monthly payment schedule designed to meet that. Adjust schedule you manually transfer extra in
Bonus points if you can initiate a new pot+goal from a recent transaction (ie save me up enough to fund this again by next year)


Name exported bank statements with the start and end dates of the statement using international date format.

Currently exported bank statements are named using the date you download them so there is no way to differentiate them after downloading without opening each of them individually.


Maybe make it so the user has to approve on the day the transfer is scheduled to go out to sort the issue of changing currency values.

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I see where you’re coming from here, but when I lived abroad I needed to pay my rent come what may. I used Transferwise to do it for me monthly, but a recurring payment would have been handy.

I surely must get at least 1% credit for that idea!

But in all seriousness, a date ordered list - however this is achieved - would be hugely handy for manual budgeting and having full control/knowledge of what is coming up…


+1 for being able to edit pot standing orders
+1 for saved payee accounts (multiple accounts per person)

+100 for custom pot pics/unsplash


I’m wondering if there is a better way of handling this thread. I feel that it would be easier for the Monzo team if suggestions were all edited into one post at the start and perhaps categorised? I just feel that there is so much feedback everywhere on the forum and it might help avoid duplication within the thread. We, or Monzo staff, could then strikethrough anything that they decide to address.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up trying to make this sort of stuff anything other than a bit of brainstorming fun every now and then, if something sparks an idea or use case with the powers-that-be then great, but really don’t expect it or you’ll just be disappointed :slight_smile:


@Peter_G, you might just have signed yourself up to keep track and edit to add bullet points of the suggestions people make to your initial post :wink: