Anyone heard of Pleo? "Monzo for business"

Just saw an ad on Twitter about - they call themselves “Monzo for business” in their own ad…

Seems the same concept as but a Danish company not UK, so maybe in EUR instead of GBP?

Would be interested to see how they compare with Tide

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£7 per month per active employee? :o That’s quite steep. Maybe it makes some sense when employees make a ton of small purchases for business, but I don’t think it really fits masses. Company I work for somewhat suffers from “where’s the invoice for whatever this is” problem, but I can’t see them handing out 50 cards to employees to solve this problem.


Not to mention, it actually starts at 30 GBP / month.

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The fact it actually said this is just :no_good_man:t3:

The idea is good though. I can see how it would be of use. I can’t comment on the fee though.

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We’ve been using Tide for our business for 3 months and love it, so much better than HSBC and no non sterling charges so it saves us £30 per month.

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