Plex users

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #41

Same here.

(Caspar Aremi) #42

Sorry - meant Bitesized.

(I'll flag any comment for 50p) #43

Do you still have to pay Plex sub on top?

(Caspar Aremi) #44

Nope, you only need to pay if you want to sync for offline. I paid the one-off In App Purchase fee to watch on iOS but never use it now, I just watch on my AppleTV or browser on my computer occasionally.

(I'll flag any comment for 50p) #45

I have a NAS which is nearly full and I think on the way out soon so wanna move all my films off it and just stream them but watch off my TV’s which can do Plex

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #46

GDrive at £6.60 a month for unlimited works a treat. Using rclone to mount the drive. I only have issues when I fuck up.

(Andy) #50

If anyone maintains 4K films on Plex servers, I’d be happy to make a donation for a share.

(Matt) #51

I did have quite a lot, removed them due to nobody ever direct played them and they always transcoded to 1080p (i don’t have a 4K TV). The transcoded copies always looked washed out due to the HDR so I ended up replacing them.

(Andy) #52

Same here, I still have issues with HDR and 4K no direct playing and server having to transcode them so I’ve not got many.