Plex users

(President of the Breville Toaster Appreciation Society) #41

Same here.

(Caspar Aremi) #42

Sorry - meant Bitesized.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #43

Do you still have to pay Plex sub on top?

(Caspar Aremi) #44

Nope, you only need to pay if you want to sync for offline. I paid the one-off In App Purchase fee to watch on iOS but never use it now, I just watch on my AppleTV or browser on my computer occasionally.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #45

I have a NAS which is nearly full and I think on the way out soon so wanna move all my films off it and just stream them but watch off my TV’s which can do Plex

(President of the Breville Toaster Appreciation Society) #46

GDrive at £6.60 a month for unlimited works a treat. Using rclone to mount the drive. I only have issues when I fuck up.

(Andy) #50

If anyone maintains 4K films on Plex servers, I’d be happy to make a donation for a share.

(Matt) #51

I did have quite a lot, removed them due to nobody ever direct played them and they always transcoded to 1080p (i don’t have a 4K TV). The transcoded copies always looked washed out due to the HDR so I ended up replacing them.

(Andy) #52

Same here, I still have issues with HDR and 4K no direct playing and server having to transcode them so I’ve not got many.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #53

(Caspar Aremi) #54

I don’t know anyone who used the Plex Cloud service, which is where it put your library on a personal storage service. I could never get it to work reliably. Something like Bytesized is just a normal Plex server you connect to over the internet.

(Matt) #55

I’m feeling like sharing today, first 3 users to add me as a friend can get a share of my library!


Username to add is *************


I would but my upload speed sucks - hopefully moving to gigaclear soon

(Andy) #57

Impressive collection. Thanks :+1:t4:

(Andy) #58

Same here - I already have friends using it and my upload bandwidth just won’t cope! :frowning:

(Matt) #59

Yep, my internet is terrible, but hosting in the cloud with 200mb/s + upload speed so should be allll good


Can I add now and share later? :wink:


Come to think of it, how do you share plex?

(Caspar Aremi) #62

Just add them as a friend, then select which libraries (if any) you want to share.

Anyone’s welcome to add me btw, same username as here.

(Phil) #63

I’ve done this (at least I think I’ve done it right).