Please confirm your identity prompt

Issue: Please confirm your identity prompt will not disappear. Have reinstalled and it’s still there. Click on it and it just says press ok to confirm identify, then says it’s a different phone, then nothing.
Contacted support and they said just ignore it, I am verified and it will disappear.
It’s been like this for weeks and it’s really annoying.

Details to reproduce: Not sure
OS: Android
Device: Samsung Galaxy Flip 3
App Version: 5.9.0


Hey There @robsug

Sorry that this won’t go away, can you reach back out to our team and ask them to investigate this further for you please?

Something must be going on in the background to make this persistent.

Sorry :frowning:

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I’ve asked support
I keep getting passed between multiple advisors and they just say it will go away.
I’ve raised a complaint case as this is not good service.