Not sure if there’s a better place for this, but couldn’t see an active general gaming thread.

This is a little handheld console from Mac developers Panic. Recently they got into video games, and produced Untitled Goose Game and Firewatch.

Now they’ve made a console and got some of the best (imo) mobile developers in the business to develop some games for it.

Edit for website:

Launching hopefully soon for $179 with 24 games - and I believe they effectively drop one per week as a ‘season’. And it’s meant to be a bit of a surprise every week, they’re trying not to show off too much of the games, although we know a number of the titles and who’s developing them.

Anyway - they’re doing an update stream for 15 minutes at 5pm, and I think we’re gonna find out pre-order date. I am very excited and will be watching whilst I finish off work!


I have to watch it to find out more about the crank


Watching :eyes:

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I spent all of that thinking “it would be cool if you could make your own games” and then they announced pulp

I think I might get one

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Did not expect the stereo dock lol!

But nice to see a tiny bit of a few more games :eyes:

Most excited for the stuff from Zach Gage (all sorts of amazing iOS stuff), Keita Takahashi (director of Katamari), and Bennet Foddy (Ape Out and QWOP 🥲) I think.

Edit: yeah pulp is v interesting too! Am def gonna get one!


It’s worth it for the pen

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:joy: classic teenage engineering I suppose.

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Mine will 100% be a credit card purchase next month :grimacing:

About to rinse my coin jar on finally buying a bike I ordered in autumn last year.

I’ve seen that it’s $199 for the console and protective case

No price for the stereo dock yet

Oh that’s good. Will def be getting the protective case.

Gadgets are sadly not safe with me without cases…

Does playdate have a slightly different connotation in the US? :flushed:

What’s your thinking lol?

I’m sure we call kids hanging out a play date here too. Like you’d go to your friends house for a play date.

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Yep. When kids are young to take them to their friends house for a play date

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Kids are one thing. Playdating as an adult is typically relationship-ending in my neck of the woods :joy: