PIN fallback when fingerprint login won't work

I’m a climber. On a semi-weekly basis I end up destroying the tips of my fingers and subsequently logging into my phone becomes problematic. Android has this covered by also giving me a pin entry but with Monzo I have no such luck. After an indeterminate number of fingerprint attempts I get to use a magic email link, so I have to switch app, load email, etc, just to check the notification I just got.

I’m looking forward to the Pixel4’s “faceId” but I don’t know how long it’ll be before Monzo supports that either :stuck_out_tongue: - and given it’s looking like it doesn’t have a fingerprint reader at all I’m not sure what kind of security to expect.


If you turn off fingerprint auth in the settings it will revert to pin.

You can vote at the top for features you’d like.

I suspect the point is he likes fingerprint ID in general, but on the occasions it fails would like to be prompted for PIN rather than have to reset via magic link.


Makes more sense.

Fellow climber here, I just dont turn on finger print auth in Monzo as it’s too much of a pain since every other day it won’t work. Entering a pin is just as easy really so I’m fine with it.

Why don’t you use one of your toes to unlock your phone? :rofl:

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You don’t want to see a climbers toes…

I actually couldn’t use my old phones fingerprint reader at all because of it, but my new phone seems to be a bit better and works if it’s been 24 hours since Ive climbed and I’ve given my fingers a good sand.


Nope, no you don’t.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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You say that but now I do :grin: