Phone number verification problem

Hi, ive tried to sign up using the mobile app and I keep getting a verification error.
I enter my full name and email address and then it asks for my mobile number so I enter it in.
I get a text to my phone with a verification code but once I enter it I get an error message saying there has been an error . I have tried to email monzo but haven’t got a reply back.

Hi are you trying to login or sign up now?

If you already have an account, make sure you’ve clicked login not sign up.

im trying to sign up but keep getting this error on the app when I try to verify my number

Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling.

I have but I still keep getting the same problem

Try typing the number instead of pasting.

But otherwise you’ll have to wait for a reply via email.

Have you signed up for an account before? i.e. is this your second one?