Phone number not being accepted

I am not able to input my phone number at the account creation stage. It’s not accepting my phone number, the button fails to load. can you help?

Also I have a giffgaff number, but when I input it as given on the sim, with a space in between, it fails to process it. Am I doing anything wrong?

Firstly I’d remove your number from your post on here. It’s not a good idea to post that publicly.

Secondly, yes I’d try it without the spaces :slight_smile:


thats right, you can’t have a space in a phone number. 07 format should be fine without the spaces.

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Who the hell posts their mobile number on a public forum.

Probably the same sort of person that finds the forum, joins and makes a thread rather than just type the number without spaces.

Some people seem to mistake the community forums as a place to contact Monzo and receive customer support. Quite unsurprising for those who are tech averse trying to navigate Monzo’s help section which may or may not be lacking a chat with us button. :pensive:

With that said, it’s not terribly difficult to code a form that can allow for format variations and correct for them. I always thought Monzo did this, but if not, or if it’s broken, it needs fixing/implementing. In the meantime, try @Ordog’s suggestion.

I have worked with systems in the past where giffgaff numbers would just not register with us as a valid number for VOIP forwarding because the prefix was missing from our database. That may also be the case here, which would require someone at Monzo to fix. It’s a 2 minute job.

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