Bug found on link share?

When claiming money from a send money link on an Android phone (Samsung galaxy s20) when filling out the account details the last field (account number) you can’t delete or backspace the first number inputted.

Details to reproduce:
Send a link (mine was £20) to a friend on an android phone. They enter account details to claim. Try to backspace and renter the account number but it won’t let you delete the first character.
OS: android
Device: Samsung galaxy s20
App Version: web app?


Do you mean business?

Do all accounts start with the same number? So this could be intentional?

Hi, I can replicate your issue, so this is indeed a bug!

Not sure what @revels is talking about but my monzo account number certainly doesn’t start with the same number as my RBS account number!

Here’s a gif of me reproducing your issue. Definitely a bug.


Edit: replaced gif with a higher quality version so the backspace spamming is clearer to see and disables looping.

Edit 2: made it loop again because removing the loop broke the gif so it doesn’t play at all! Discourse has a bug too!


Personal link.
The only reason we noticed the bug was because we had to backspace the number because it was incorrect so not universal start number no

Thanks! Smart way to record it!