People who use Monzo alongside Legacy Bank Account

How many others here use Monzo alongside their main legacy bank account? - I tend to have all my main direct debits, and important spending using my legacy bank debit card. Anything excess, I then transfer to Monzo for general spending eg. night outs, day trips etc.

I seem to be in the minority, while I love Monzo, I love my legacy bank as well, and the service I’m given there.

What about others?


Only still have my legacy account because I’m paying them back an overdraft. If it was wasn’t for that I’d be full Monzo, the pots and budgeting features mean I don’t need both

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That’s exactly how we use it too. I don’t love my legacy bank though.

We did plan to go #fullMonzo but can’t do that until JAs have pots and I can get my salary paid in

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If it aint broke don’t fix it :smiley:

I consolidated all my accounts to Monzo to take advantage of their pots and other features to help me budget and manage my finances a lot better. Having different spending habits spread across different accounts didn’t give me the full picture.

Being full Monzo is so much simpler now. With multiple banks you need to login and out of each of their online banking/apps and faffing about moving money eventually became tedious. Now I’ve customised my account, setup rules for pots and direct debits etc everything works in harmony and I only have to carry 1 card around too :slight_smile:

Joint accounts was just the cherry on top for me and my partner.

It’s also great to be involved in a bank that is evolving into something spectacular. They make you feel like you’re important and you actually get feedback on your ideas and suggestions from real people that genuinely care what you have to say.


I still use my Lloyds accounts, it’s alot simpler to keep direct debit money away from spending money. It means I don’t have to think about if I’ve got enough to pay the mortgage etc, as it’s all moved shortly after I get paid.


I use a Santander 123 account for interest and cash back on DDs.

And a Nationwide Flex Plus account for bundled travel insurance, breakdown cover, fee free foreign ATM withdrawals and interest.

Edit: Also for paying in occasional cheques.

I also put nearly all of my spending through a Nationwide credit card for cash back.

Monzo is reserved for foreign spending and pocket money, mainly.


I use a legacy account for savings, nothing else. Mainly because I get interest on it.

If Monzo did ISAs or savings accounts that money would be out faster than I can say out!


Might feel like the minority in this community but I know plenty of people who use their Monzo as you describe. People on this community are much more likely to be #fullMonzo


I still use a legacy Barclays account for paying in cash etc

Moved over our joint account a couple of months ago and it’s been ok but the joint account is lacking features which the solo account has which makes me constantly doubt switching. We had saving accounts with my legacy account which acted like pots and custom design cards which made things clearer and I miss that

I now receive my pay and have migrated my direct debits to my Monzo account. However I still use my Nationwide account (and it’s sub-accounts/pots) to manage my savings instead of using Monzo’s pots because of interest.

I have also had my Nationwide account for over 11 years and wish to keep it active for credit rating reasons. A branch is only a mile away which is great for depositing cash and cheques too.


I have accounts at a number of traditional banks. One for receiving salary as well as for cash back on direct debits relating to household bills. A couple of others for access to their high interest regular savers. Also occasionally need to pay in cash and send cheques.

I use Monzo for everything else.

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I finally closed my Barclays account today. Just was too lazy to go into town and do it haha. Defo #FullMonzo now :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the need for my legacy bank account as Monzo offers everything I need. Also saves me £12.50 a month now.


You’re not :grinning:

Monzo’s own figures show a small % of people are full monzo.

I think it’s okay to like your legacy bank :slight_smile: I still use Lloyds because I need fully-developed web application to handle my banking and Monzo won’t have it.

Salary into Nationwide to get insurance benefits. Mortgage comes out of there and then everything else Monzo-.

Would go full Monzo if:-

They did a children’s savings account
They find a way of paying in cash
They have partnerships with companies that can offer breakdown cover, phone insurance and travel insurance


I use Barclays along with Monzo and manage both via Emma. I did go Full Monzo for about 4 months but found this Barclays+Monzo combination better suited for my needs.

I have 5 direct debits out of Monzo and I pay regular amounts into my Monzo account for everyday use so its like half-full-Monzo.

Barclays is good because I have to get some regular payments from Middle East and they pay me £11 just for being with them (£14 for blue rewards minus £3 fee) every month.

When I decided to go back to legacy bank back in January there were quite a few things missing at Monzo so now I am considering moving everything back to Monzo in next few months quite seriously.


I’m the other way around… I have my salary paid into my legacy account with an automatic set transfer every month to my other account where all my direct debits come out of.

Until cash deposits are introduced, I can’t go full monzo unfortunately.


You’re in the majority; ~80% of users don’t pay their salary into Monzo.

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