Pension deposit


In September/October i wil be transferring a lump sum approx 32k from a well known pension management company, I have heard some horror stories of people’s monzo accounts being frozen for legitimate large deposits and it being a nightmare to get sorted my question is should i expect something like this to happen.


Hi. Welcome.

Ignore the horror stories. They are lies.

ALL banks will do checks on ALL amounts of money that is moved between accounts. A pension provider paying you will be absolutely fine.

Just note that if you wish to transfer out more than £10k at a time you will need to request a limit increase.


Hi Mark

Just let Monzo know nearer the time. I did this with mine and no problems.


If the transfer is coming from a big pension company, it’ll be fine.

Did you have any issues with this in the end Mark? I’m in the same position, expecting a large payment in from a well known company and worrying about the same thing!

Same advice as above… You’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

Nope all went smoothly, as advised I told monzo in chat about the payment they made a note of it and all went through with no problems.

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