Pennyworth - Discussion and Feedback

According to this article, there’s another fintech looking to launch soon.

Like Monument, Pennyworth is going after the “mass affluent”, although this time it looks like it’s £40k salary or £40 investable assets, rather than Monument’s £250k assets (!!).

Here’s the website:

Can’t say I’m a fan of the logo or the branding. And the mock ups (presumably) look clunky and uninspiring to me. Two things caught my eye, though:

Good rates on this screen:

I liked the breakdown, and especially the prompt, here:


Can’t help but think of :clown_face::balloon:


I’m not sure these banks got the uber-loaded have really thought through their names, have they?

Seems an odd name to me. Having said that I like the thought behind the second screen - finances view

Interestingly, I had seen this a few weeks ago. It looks like they are going to use open banking and become a market place like Yolt is trying to do (and Monzo’s original idea) rather than offering a current account. I suspect they too will have the same problems that others who have tried this approach have had.

For me it’s Alfred that comes to mind first.


Like the idea of 1.5% but I’d imagine that would change if this idea became a reality.

The whole app mockups and website is a like a first year uni student.

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You’d think with all the creative types around that they’d be able to come up with something that looks a bit more professional. I’m no designer but that website looks horrible with a poor choice of typeface. All of which is no basis for my financial decisions. But it is ugly.

Yawn. :yawning_face: Every FinTech within a stone’s throw of Silicon Roundabout know this. Starling and Monzo haven’t been able to fix it, yet. :sleeping: