Penny A Day Spending

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #21

get him to do the reverse savings challenge :slight_smile:

£55 a month would seem like a big chunk in one go

(Kyle Risi) #22

I get that all the time from neggy mates. For me personally it started out as me slowly reducing the amount I spend on lunch each day, I used to have a daily budget of £5, now almost 200 days in I now have a budget of £3, This is forcing me to bring a supplementary snack from home or look for something cheaper, therefore changing my spending habits. Its the compound effect at work, small insightful changes will benefit me overall in the long run.

Soon I will have to scrap buying lunch everyday and just bring something from home, but because I have eased into this it doesn’t seem such a big deal.

Also these savings will go to a new phone upgrade. :smile:


Done this for my fourth year running now I think :raised_hands: (three or four)

I use it for holiday spend in September, and I hen for Christmas presents. Previous years I’ve had to raid it, but not needed to this year :blush:

(Scott) #24

Sorry to sound stupid, but if I activated the IFTTT will this add another pot to my Monzo account? Or how would this work :thinking:

(Richard) #25

You select the pot from the IFTTT.

Whilst I was setting it up and had the option of which pot to put it in, I created a new pot and refreshed the screen, new pot appeared.