PC games

Does anyone know of any pc games that are good with female lead characters.

Gris is on Steam.

It has one of the most hauntingly beautiful soundtracks you’ll ever hear.

tomb raider ?

I always played Mass Effect as a female to the point if I see it as a male its really weird.

From the top of my head:

Commander Shepard (aka Femshep, Mass Effect series) - EA Origin.
Faith Conners (Mirror’s Edge series) - EA Origin.
Lightning (Final Fantasy 13 series) - Steam.
Yuna (Final Fantasy X-II) - Steam.
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series) - Steam.
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series) - Steam.
Aveline de Grandpré (Assassin’s Creed III Liberation) - Steam.

Not on PC but:

Ellie (Last of Us series) - PS4.

Ms Pac-Man is on steam

Dishonoured 2 let’s you play as Emily.

Mass Effect has already been mentioned, let’s you play as the female version of Commander Shepard.

Pretty much any MMO has female character options.

Prey let’s you play as female Morgan Yu.

You don’t play as her as far as I remember, but Bioshock Infinite has a female lead character in the form of Emily.

Tacoma’s worth a look. Quite cheap at the moment.

Thanks I willl look at mass effect as I like bio ware games after playing the dragon age series.