PayPal ignoring request to pay in Foreign Currency


That is brilliantly helpful. Many thanks.

(Marta) #22

There’s some movement on Paypal front, with more details from Simon:

I’m gonna check it out later today… Oh, I hate Paypal so badly.

(Andy) #23

I get this option when I send money in a foreign currency

(Marta) #24

I just checked and my Monzo card linked to paypal did not lose “Bill me in the currency listed on invoice” setting that I enabled few months back. However, I only have recurring subscriptions on Paypal, I can’t check single payment option. Simon’s comment might relate to single payments, where user uses card already added, but it’s normal checkout process. I vaguely remember it was offering paypal conversion, allowing you to opt out - and that’s the part that might be gone.

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #25

It reminds me why i don’t use PayPal much

(Eve) #26

Just decided to check it with a payment and the option is still there for single payments, but the option is now one click more hidden. I panicked for a moment.

Not sure if it’s a gradual rollout or something, doesn’t seem like the sort of thing he would miss