PayPal Card Art

Looks like PayPal has started adding card art and names to cards (finally). Works with my NatWest doesn’t with my Monzo and Barclaycard. Guessing the bank has to enable it rather than PayPal? If so would that be something Monzo would want to do? It’s much easier in PayPal seeing “NatWest Debit Card” rather than “Visa Debit ****”.

Hi @Memerina , :wave:t3:

My best bet is that this is controlled by PayPal, maybe if you contact their support they can potentially update it. Although I feel that would prove rather difficult. Maybe they will get around to it soon?

I totally agree it makes it so much easier at first glance :slight_smile:


I want Google Pay in Chrome browser to do this too. I added my MasterCard Credit card to it along with my existing Monzo MasterCard and I couldn’t tell which one to choose as it just gives you the last 4 digits to identify the cards :neutral_face:

Had to get my cards out which kinda defeats the purpose of storing them with Google.

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