Payment Pots

So I have a payment pot that all my DD and Standing orders are paid from. Love the fact I can just put the same amount in each month and forget about it.

It would be good however if the payments were sorted in date order (ascending) and her a “green tick” or something she paid. Yes the screen shoe shows them in date order but further down the list they aren’t.

Also, is there a way to pay the money into the pot automatically on the 1st of the month?


If you click into the pot that you pay them from, then that shows them in order of when they’ll be paid and ones that have been paid go to the back of the line. And it gives you the total left to be paid in this summary period.

As for adding, you can set up a transfer from your account to your pot and that will do it.

Ah ok yeah I can see that now, I just thought the dates were mixed up. Still would be nice for some kind of indication marking one as paid.

It is still messed up on :android: unfortunately.

Bills Pot(s) list: A combination of Scheduled payments at the top in chronological order :white_check_mark:, then everything else in alphabetical order underneath :x:

Payments list: Scheduled payments at the top in some random order :x: , then Paypal (?!?!?!) :x:, then CPA’s in alphabetical order :x:, then D/D’s in Alphabetical order :x:

It needs attention.

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