Sorting the Committed Spending pot

I’ve been using the Committed Spending pot for a few months now, and I like the feature, but one thing bugs me.

The pot statement tells me how much is still to be paid from the pot, but not which payments are still outstanding. I have to check each entry’s next payment date.

Can we get the pot sorted by next payment date, rather than the alphabetical sort it has now?

I think the committed spend pot could get generally smarter. I like your idea and i think previously ive said if a pending debit differs from the previosu this should also update the expected debit in the bills pot summary also

The best thing I do is switch to the “Payments” section, then “Schedule” at the top. :+1:

That’s also in alphabetical order, not expected date order, for me.

I’d also like to be able to see a list of the payments in date order so I know what’s coming up next. This would help me deal with the bits Monzo isn’t smart enough to handle yet (or just can’t handle because of technical constraints) like new upcoming DD amounts not being changed in advance, or a new DD that hasn’t been taken or requested yet so Monzo cannot predict the amount.

Really? Which operating system are you on? :thinking:

OS: Android 8.1.0
Device: Moto G5S Plus
App Version: 3.28.1

The standing orders show first, then DDs and CPAs.

The DD/CPA section has PayPal first (non-pot DDs?), then CPAs in alphabetical order, then pot-DDs (only have one bill pot) in alphabetical order, apart from one which is a new one that doesn’t have a value yet, and shows at the top of the pot-DD list.

Ahhh must be an Android vs iOS thing …

How strange - my ‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’ section (the second section in the Scheduled Payments screen) shows CPA’s first, then DD’s.

The ‘Scheduled payments & standing orders’ section at the top is, IMO, correct as they are listed in date order. But the ‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’ section needs to be in date order instead of alphabetical (and two lots of alphabetical at that - one for subscriptions and then one for DD’s) - it’s messy as it stands;

I only have three standing orders and date order/alphabetical order are the same, so I can’t tell which way that section is being sorted! But if yours is by date I assume mine should be too.

The order that they all show in the bills pot is the same order as they show on the scheduled payments screen for me, exactly, just without the section headers of course.

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