Paying & getting paid on Monzo - tell us all!

Hi @Sachaz it isn’t currently but it is being thought about :eyes:

cool, been paying my plumber via the get paid route on Business banking, and it’s great to use A2A payments for that, and would be great to add to Monzo Me

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What’s A2A please? :thinking:

Account to account?

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this upthread, but I’d quite like salary sorter to be automated. So when I’m paid money just moves in Monzo and is in the right place.

More thoughts over here:

But basically getting paid as a trigger for sending or moving money would be a game changer!


Yep Account to Account payments

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Slight tangent but I’d really like the pots in the salary sorter to be sorted in the same order as how I’ve sorted them on the main area of the app :neutral_face:


Hey! There needs to be a way to split the bill even if the user isn’t on Monzo. So if I wanted to have a night out and the bill came up to £59.99 for example, I want it so we can all split the bill even if the user doesn’t use Monzo, so maybe they get sent a link and then like magic the money is split.

You can.

Split bill - tap someone not on monzo - choose amount to split - when split happens, there’s a Share Request Link on the split - send to friend, who if uses that link, the payment will automatically assign to the amount spent.


I wish I knew this sooner… :eyes:

Thank you for the tip.