Paying for Group Bookings

Hi, I often find I’m organising things for a group of friends and booking hotels for 6 people; recently I booked a boat for 8 to stay on in a marina. The booking cost me just over £1100. I would love it if there was a feature to allow me to pay for this booking (not from my current account or overdraft and not from savings) not on a credit card but with short term credit from Monzo. I would then like to give out a sort code and account number to my friends who could then transfer their share into that pot including myself and then when the pot is paid off I can simply close it down.

So in effect a Shared Tab, but with the initial offset being from a short term loan rather than your own balance…?

Kieren yes that’s about it - I may be wrong but I thought Shared Tabs all had to be Monzo account holders. Or do they just need to be in your phone contacts?

It would need to work like a secondary current account so that people with other banks or even international bank accounts could send in their share.

Loans are being rolled out to more people this quarter.

This is the case.

This sounds a lot like Shared Pots but I don’t think Monzo are currently working on them.

Interestingly, dutch bank Bunq recently released their own version of Shared Pots.