Can I make a cash deposit to my Monzo account in Barcelona?

(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #1

Hi everyone! Im planing a trip to Spain, Italy and Croacia, and since I will be recibing some cash there I wonder if I could make a deposit in some machine in those countrys in order to have it in my Monzo account, do you know if it is posible?

(Will flag Danny for cake) #2

Unfortunately there’s no way at the moment to put cash directly into your Monzo account. They’re working on a solution but it will be U.K. based eg Post Office or Pay Point


Going abroad and receiving ‘cash’ whilst you’re there sounds legitimate.

(Andre Borie) #4

Agreed although personally I do not believe it should be any of our business to speculate as to what someone is doing with their money and whether it’s legitimate or not.

(Patrick) #5

Her name looks Spanish so I assume she is from there, money she receives could be anything. If I were a betting man I’d say she organised the onward holidays/trip to Italy and Croatia and her Spanish mates are paying for their part of it. She could ask for a transfer (do Monzo even accept foreign transfers yet) or just received in cash.

But I’m sure you are right, let’s assume she is a criminal.

(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #6

How easy is to make a story! I did not even Bother yesterday. But yes. If you need to know I paid for the holiday’s acomodation for me and my friends, and they will pay me cash when we met. We don’t live all in London. Thank you guys.