Can I make a cash deposit to my Monzo account in Barcelona?

Hi everyone! Im planing a trip to Spain, Italy and Croacia, and since I will be recibing some cash there I wonder if I could make a deposit in some machine in those countrys in order to have it in my Monzo account, do you know if it is posible?

Unfortunately there’s no way at the moment to put cash directly into your Monzo account. They’re working on a solution but it will be U.K. based eg Post Office or Pay Point


Going abroad and receiving ‘cash’ whilst you’re there sounds legitimate.


Agreed although personally I do not believe it should be any of our business to speculate as to what someone is doing with their money and whether it’s legitimate or not.


Her name looks Spanish so I assume she is from there, money she receives could be anything. If I were a betting man I’d say she organised the onward holidays/trip to Italy and Croatia and her Spanish mates are paying for their part of it. She could ask for a transfer (do Monzo even accept foreign transfers yet) or just received in cash.

But I’m sure you are right, let’s assume she is a criminal.


How easy is to make a story! I did not even Bother yesterday. But yes. If you need to know I paid for the holiday’s acomodation for me and my friends, and they will pay me cash when we met. We don’t live all in London. Thank you guys.


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