I have a holiday booked with and I will be paying for the apartment in euros through is it correct I do not pay fees with Monzo (santander I do) only the exchange fee ?

This is correct. Monzo will not apply any fees to a transaction in a different currency, you get the Mastercard exchange rate.

One note, the amount you pay in pound sterling may be different to what is initially shown in the app, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The amount you pay in pound sterling will depend on the exchange rate at the time the payment is taken, not the time that the transaction occurred (which may not be the same).


thanks for the quick response much appreciated

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I booked a hotel earlier in the week through A euro transaction. Booking will show a converted price and this may be slightly different. For me it was a matter of a few pence difference when the transaction settled


Just make sure the hotel don’t convert the amount at their end. Happened to me with a booking in Australia - cost me about £80 due to the rates used. They finally agreed to refund this to us so all ended well.

I’ll second this. It’s happened so often to me with I’ve stopped using them.

Also, I’ve found that I can often get a better offer by looking on and contacting the hotel direct.

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ok thanks for the advice

I tried to update my card payment on with my Monzo card but had a notification come back and say its declined I entered all details correctly… then I had a message that the merchant is taking the payment form the santander card I originally booked the apartment with?

I can’t help with that, not being a Monzo employee. Best to open a chat in app and ask support if they can look into why it was declined.

so guess what happened on payment due date? took payment for the apartment from my MONZO card! :grin: unbelievable I double checked my santander account but that’s OK no payment taken obviously needs to check and update their payment system I will notify them what’s happened :roll_eyes:


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