Pay Early Broken (iOS 13 Beta)

Issue: Drag to wallet does not work can not get money

Details to reproduce: get to wallet part drag down does not move
OS: iOS 13 latest dev
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: lastest TestFlight


Not broken, just not supported yet. It’s been heavily discussed in the main thread.


Where? I’ve not seen it hence posting.

Think someone has also mentioned that if you drag down the notification centre it will work - but can’t remember where I saw that

It was mentioned in this thread a few times

For example:

Cool, well I never saw that and hadn’t seen report either…


Also apparently locking the phone while over th wallet works, again on that other thread

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Bleugh, people complaining about things being broken on a beta OS shouldn’t be allowed to have said beta OS.


I think you will find there is a difference between complaining and reporting bugs especially when using you are using TestFlight.


Monzo has better hurry, though. iOS 13 is expected on 17 September - or thereabouts.

Bug report - not a complaint. The very reason a public beta exists is for the public to report bugs isn’t it?

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Yes, to Apple.

So Monzo TestFlight issues now goto Apple? Interesting.

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If Monzo did not want bug reports on here they would not have the topic for it nor would they have requested it be done a while back.

Irrespective of what OS or App version I am using I have done what Monzo have requested and used the Bug Reports topic.


Given Monzo’s championing of human rights and diversity, I’d be interested to know how Pay Early works with Accessibility settings like VoiceOver.

Are disabled users shit out of luck with this feature?


With previous betas in the past I’ve had Barclays app not work at all (force close on opening), but when the final GM version came out it worked perfectly. Monzo will be fine.

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So they are out of luck, at least for now. Very cool.

Is test flight not a beta? The word test makes me think it is