Pay At Pump idea

Hi there! Obviously when we make a pay at pump transaction, it shows up as the amount that the authorisation was for until presentment time, when the whole lot is debited.

I would love to be able to enter the amount that I spent on petrol into the app and have that amount earmarked until the presentment, so that I can budget with that amount included in the plan - is that something that could be implemented?

Definitely a nice idea.

MasterCard rules at the moment are that the machine authorises £99 immediately and then quickly, usually within 10 minutes correct the amount.

Alot of places haven’t done that yet, but if it is updating within 10 minutes then there’s no need to earmark.

But the question is will places even implement it because it means customers with less than £99 can’t use the machines

Actually I think this is a great idea , because sites like Amazon only take the money on the day of despatch which is often a few days after ordering , so to earmark some funds off your ’ balance/left to spend would be great.

You can do this at Tesco (kind of) by telling the pump how much you want to dispense and it will dispense exactly that.


Today I bought fuel at Costco, had £21 in my main joint account balance, once entered the pin instead of saying pre auth £99, it knew how much was in the account and stopped on the £21, 1st time I am seen this, it was in Straition Edinburgh :joy:

To be honest this is just avoiding fixing the problem than actually finding a proper solution. As @Juggy69 said, Costco will only allow you to withdraw what’s in your account and will debit you immediately instead of taking 5 days like the majority of pay at pump services like Asda and Tesco. The best solution is to follow Costco and do a similar implementation.
I don’t think that will happen any time soon though, I don’t think these companies will invest unless people bother to ask for change.

Is this open to any kind of abuse? If retailers could identify available funds in an account it would be very invasive. It would be a great data set I’m sure large organisations would love to get their mits on.

You’d like to think that the retailer is asking “can I pre auth £99?” and gets a response like “no, but you can pre auth £21” rather than having access to how much money is in every customer account.

This is exactly how it works.

This is the new system we should have moved to a long time ago. (before anyone states the obvious that Monzo use MasterCard - they also use the same process)

If your account balance is below £100, for example £50, your bank may pass back a message to the pump that it can dispense up to that amount of fuel. The pump will automatically cut out once you have reached the approved amount (or before if you choose to dispense less). This is called ‘partial authorisation’ and ensures you can get the fuel you need.

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