Overdraft stats

You know when you click on a vendor, it will tell you how much you have spent with them and the number of transactions. Can we do the same with Monzo Overdrafts? It would be good to know how many times I have been in my overdraft and the total and average costs of this.

On iOS just search ‘overdraft fee’ in your feed and it will show the monthly charges

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That’s not the same - you can also do this with other transactions.

Yes but it gets you all the information you want

I can see how a history might be useful, although since it’s only once a month maximum you would still need to search for it at any other time

I think one of us is misunderstanding, because this way I can’t see the average charge (maybe I am missing something?). And I also cannot easily see how many payments I have made. I would need to manually count each transaction.

Does both of those above the search bar doesn’t it? Or is that Android only?

On iOS it’s at the bottom of the search page

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Oops that’s both bases covered then!

So I don’t have an over draft, but you can pretend here with my Robo Hoover…

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Oh, that is so subtle that I couldn’t see it!! Maybe I need glasses. Weird though, that it has to be different, as it could just be the same design as for other transactions. Would be better for UX. Thanks for the screenshots and the help.