Overdraft on joint account?

Can u have a overdraft with a joint account ??

Not yet I’m afraid,

Hopefully there will be more news in this area soon.

Ok thanks

This would be great - I’m with Nationwide who have this facility. Its nice to have a buffer for unexpected bills etc :slight_smile:

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Lack of a Joint overdraft is stopping me from using Monzo as a main account.


How can take overdraft

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You can’t.

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Hi @Dritan29

As mentioned, we currently don’t offer an overdraft feature for Joint Accounts (although I’m sure we’d love too sometime in the future!)

If you’re asking about an overdraft for your personal account, you can find out if you’re eligible by going to the Account tab in your Monzo app, and tapping the “Learn more about loans and overdrafts” button :grinning:

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Have looked at trying to add a joint account overdraft but can’t find one for it. This would be good to have as my wife isn’t as good at budgeting :man_facepalming: and means I have to keep moving money for when bills come out.

Finally some GOOD news! :sweat_smile: