Can a client use their overdraft offer on their joint account

I presume the overdraft limit on offer related to the client more than the account. However I see no overdraft application button on the joint account tab. If one party has been offered an overdraft limit can they use it on their joint account and not on their personal account?

No. Overdrafts are only on individual accounts at the moment

Is this for functional reasons and development prioritization? Rather than a policy reason.

No idea, sorry. I presume it’s because the joint accounts aren’t reported to the CRAs yet

We haven’t built overdrafts on our joint accounts yet :blush:

This is on our list though!


Ok. Thank you.

Any news on Joint Account Overdrafts?

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Any updates on this? I’d completely give up my old bank if this feature was enabled.
I don’t need an overdraft on my account but definitely do for our joint account.