Does anyone else find the feed a bit too minimalist?

I have, for example, card transactions from “Welcome Break” and “Starbucks” but I have to click into them to see where they’re from.

Direct Debits, in contrast, take up the same space in the feed but include the reference. Monzo.me payments are similar.

I think it would be useful to include the region/town for card transactions in the feed. More generally, I don’t feel as though the home feed makes particularly good use of screen real estate at present (iPhone 7).


How often do you need that information though? I think it would end up looking cluttered. All I need is the shop name and value


all I need is the shop name and the original currency amount (it is hard to audit against receipts if only the GBP equivalent is shown)

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Here are a couple of examples:

This is just a waste of space, and the chains above have hundreds of outlets all across the country.

These shops (and ATM) could be anywhere and it would be much easier to follow and understand my spending if I could see at a glance where these places were.

For me, the information is not the issue — it’s the white space between each line. I’d prefer it to be more condensed to allow for less scrolling etc. :iphone:


agree that the space is used badly - both Amex and First Direct apps show more information using either less or the same screen real estate

Someone (not me, I hasten to add) must have suggested a name change so I can’t be the only person thinking this…!

Monzo is always listening :ear: maybe they changed that one to illustrate to us how cluttered and awful if would look if locations were displayed in the feed? :hushed: