Outside spending towards targets

I’ve tried searching and can’t see this suggestion anywhere, so hopefully it isn’t a repeat.

It would be nice if there was the facility to manually add costs to your targets where you’ve paid using another account or Apple Pay, which would bring down the remaining budget. I find that when I make payments where monzo is not yet suitable, I am losing track of my spending and it makes the target feature less helpful for me.

I realise that as Monzo functionality increases, I can use it for more payments, but it could still be helpful to split cash payments.

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The typical response from Monzo to this sort of request is that once the current accounts launch, you’ll get your salary paid into your account so you will be able to track all of your spending from it.

Splitting cash is a popular request & here’s why we’ve not had it so far -

Having said that, watch this space, Monzo might just reveal an alternative solution in one of the next couple of sneak peaks :wink:

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