Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

Agreed - but actually I think it’s more fundamental than this.

If Monzo had truly been trying to make money work for everyone - i.e. sticking to their stated aim - we might have cheque imaging by now, and they might have found something more reliable to replace the PayPoint network.

Instead, Monzo badly lost their way. They screwed up Plus, and started charging customers for the laughable “Supporter” package and posting people stickers. It was PR disaster and wasted a huge amount of resource.

I really do think that Monzo harm their long term prospects with these kinds of actions. Right now, Monzo have a technical lead over many of their rivals. The sensible thing would be to encourage people to switch, to leave their old banks - Monzo’s rivals - behind. Instead, just about everyone on this forum tells users to keep another account open just in case they need to pay in cash, in case Monzo breaks, in case they need cheque imaging, in case they need foreign payments. All of this means Monzo’s customer base is far more likely to be running two current accounts, and to be keeping the door open for the competition to catch up and win customers back.

So why should monzo stay true to their marketing? Because (1) it’s easy to waste money and resource on silly projects when you lose sight of your overall goal and (2) Monzo really do need to make money work for everyone if they want to dominate the banking sector.


As an app-based bank with no branch network, this is something Monzo should have been getting right much earlier than this.

Monzo will only start to become profitable when enough people start to feel they can use Monzo as their only account. For that they need to be doing everything their competitors are doing, but better. Not neglecting useful features and saying “use your other bank and transfer funds over if you need to do that”.

This rings so true with me.

The budgeting in-app is what’s keeping me, all other functionality can be found on other banks. The excitement of monthly app updates that actually changed the way I bank are over. Gone are the days of salary sorter, paid early, savings pots, tabs…

Other banks have managed to push out updates over the past 3 months with no issue, so let’s hope there’s somehting big coming out in the near future and cheque imaging should be added back on the roadmap.

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The ‘something big’ is already released…

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Haha, i just saw!

Silly me…

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