Our New(ish) Website

(Zander) #1

Morning all!

Some of you have noticed that over the past couple months we’ve been quietly rolling out updates and new pages to our website. For a long time we had a web presence that didn’t match the quality of our product, and we wanted to change that. Now that the new site has been kicking around for a while, I’d like to post something of a call for feedback, progress report, and plans for what’s next!


On the main site, we have a redesigned Home with lots of new content that will help explain and sell Monzo to a wider audience: monzo.com

We also introduced an About page, with the goal of helping explain in further detail what we are hoping to achieve as a company and how we are doing that. monzo.com/about

The previous FAQ page has been reformatted to a general help page, with the new design applied and how to contact us best. monzo.com/help

We updated our Press page to include a little bit more company information, and introductions to the leadership team. monzo.com/press

Special thank yous to @Ede, @tristan, @bailey, and @hugo, and everyone else who has worked on the web project so far. There’s been lots of amazing work put in by everyone and even more to come as we finish applying the new design to all pages of the site and releasing new pages :slight_smile:

Up next:

Careers - a revamp to our current openings page. This is the only main page of the website that I’m still yet to touch the design on, and is the next up to conquer. I hope this page can work in conjunction with the new About page to help tell the story of Monzo as a company and what we want to achieve—and the type of people we want to do this with.

Ethics - this is a page we already have up on our site, but is another one still lingering with the old design. Especially with the industry we’re in, this page and what it represents is something I’m really invested in. My goal is that in the future this page can serve as a landing page for all of our initiatives, goals and thoughts as a company that truly cares for it’s customers.

The new design looks like this:

**Monzo Travel** - from a product perspective, travelling Monzo is incredibly powerful, and we're seriously very proud of what we're able to offer to user's as they go around the world. On a business front, travelling with Monzo is something that is a much easier sell to a wider audience than instant notifications or budgeting, for example. Foreign exchange fees and troubles with your card abroad is an issue that near everyone has suffered at some point, and we're going to fix that.

So for now the Travel page will serve as a way to check the Monzo exchange rate, and some selling points on Monzo as a travel tool. It looks like this:

My dream is that in the future, /travel will also contain country and city guides, curated by Monzo users and collated by the team here. Similar to what Naji has built here on the community. Tips on interesting places to visit, cool places to eat and drink, where to stay and saving tricks for the places our amazing community has visited.

Monzo Community
A collab with @naji — we want to introduce a new page, something of a landing page for the community here, where we’ll hold all the information about upcoming events, how to meet us (online and off!) and some of the nice things our users say (I’m cheating as that’s the unfinished blocks down at the bottom). It looks like this currently, you’ll notice some outdated content though so there’ll be some tweaks before going live!

You’ll notice some pages of the site still using the old design. With time we’ll be sweeping all these up and unifying the site on the new design.

At this point, I’d love to hear from you about a few things:

  1. Feedback about the new pages and content they contain
  2. Any and all bugs you find
  3. Suggestions for new content you believe could be of value

Thank you for reading this far! Happy Friday :sunglasses:

Provide suggestions on where to spend money abroad
(Ned) #2

Looking great, Zander! If I were to be really pedantic, I’d ask whether “hangout” is really a verb… should it be “Hang out in the forum”? Does that count as a bug report? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zander) #3

We love pedantry! Thank you, fixed :heart:


I like the idea of the travel pages giving hints and tips about places to visit etc. But the advice on which bank machines to use is helpful, but I guess as it comes to a full current account, these will disappear anyway. It’s a nice website. It looks personal (with a hint of corporate obviously) but Monzo looks like they are interested in your custom, other than the legacy banks corporate first sites.

The only thing I did notice was that there was no quick link to get the android app in Google Play (the App Store quick link is there). It may come across if you were looking quickly that it’s iPhone only, which would be a shame.

(Christos) #5

@Citibadger are you missing the right link on the image below, right next to the App Store link or you mean something different?

(Andrew Schofield) #6

I think it depends on what platform you are using to view the website. From my Android phone I only see the Google play link, so I suspect that from an iPhone you would only see the app store link.


I see both links when I view in desktop or PC mode…if I view in mobile mode it only shows me the link to the app appropriate to my OS hence I see only the link to the Google Play Store and not the Apple link. Maybe he is looking at the site via iOS?

EDIT sorry for the repetition but I was obviously typing at the same time as @uncle_fungus

(Christos) #8

Yeah I tried accessing the website from my phone now and I see what you mean, my bad.


Yes I was viewing from my iPhone, so pardon me if it’s platform specific, I didn’t know. Just normally it shows both so thought it was missing. As long as it shows up on the platform you are viewing on, I’d hate anyone to miss out!!

(Zander) #10

Precisely — the download link we provide is down to which device you’re using :smiley:

(Wayne Tsai) #11

I see this is being hosted on Github Pages - nothing wrong with that - but you might want to add a custom 404 page: https://help.github.com/articles/creating-a-custom-404-page-for-your-github-pages-site/

It currently looks like this: https://monzo.com/404

(Thomas Welton) #12

I kinda love that they’re hosting this on github pages.

(Zander) #13

Ya, good spot. It was on our radar but was neglected. I’ve just added a Trello ticket to get started on it now :slight_smile: