Closing savings account

Can somebody please help me how can I close a savings account? Not to archive it, I want to close it. I have read many advice on how to close or archive an account but on the app there’s actually no option for closing just to archive a savings account.
Thank you

Archiving it will close it?

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Archiving will move it to an archive folder and transfer the money to my account but will not close the account. I would like to know where in the menu is the Close account potion as I only see archive account.

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There isn’t a close option.

They are either open or archived.

You can only archive pots, not close fully. In the event there is a refund, the pot will reopen so the funds can go back where they were.

You don’t have to go into the archived pots, your funds will move to your main account on archive, then just forget about it :relaxed: Then you’re free to open more pots if you’ve reached the limit :raised_hands:t3:

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Thank you for your answer. In that case this should be clearly advised as currently all notes about this are misleading, as the say accounts can be deleted or archived.
Closing Pots
You can close a Pot in the Monzo app :tipping_hand_woman:

Tap the Home icon in the menu bar, then scroll to the Pot you want to close
Tap the Edit button, then tap Delete Pot in the top right of the screen
Confirm you want to close the Pot – we’ll move all the money from your Pot back into your main account

It says archive. Or at least it does on Android.

Does it matter if it says ‘Close’ or ‘Archive’, they both do the same thing anyway.

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That’s what I’m saying there is no option to Delete pot, just to archive


Itt matters as Closing account will delete completely, Archiving will just transfer the amount than out the account in a Archive folder. These are two different things, and Monso advises either to Delete either to Archive. In the app there is no option to Delete.

I guess for you would be the same weather you transfer me some money or I transfer you some money. The result is the same. Money is transferred from account A to account B.

I couldn’t imagine a reason to make it disappear completely unless you’ve something you don’t want to see again in there.

Personal opinion fyi, I don’t know the full logic.

So much to learn at Monzo :sob:

Help article doesn’t state deletion at my end

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That’s what I’m saying. At my end says Delete pot, and not Archive.
My personal opinion is that we are not at the playground, this is a Bank. If it says Delete pot, it should delete. If it says Archive it’s ok if it it just Archives the pot.

I would imagine the help articles are the same regardless of device, what did you actually search for :face_with_monocle:

Whatever you’ve found is just out of date and needs amending to say archive

I think what you’ve found relates to a savings pot not a normal pot.

Those as I understand can actually be closed v a normal pot which can only be archived

So I think I found what you’re looking at, it’s out of date information on the Monzo website help pages

When you search help via the app, you don’t get this page as an answer

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I don’t think with financial records deleting is really a thing… a pot is a ledger… you archive it it no longer appears in your app but it still exists as a record of financial transactions.

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It’s just a confusingly out of date help article by the sounds of it. Hopefully Monzo will fix it.


Is that the defining feature of a bank vs. a playground? Arguing over semantics?