Option to include Shared Tabs in Spending Summary

It would be super cool to get a balance amount that takes into account money owed from shared tabs. I use them all the time, and it would be great to be able to see my balance if all shared tabs were paid off. Would be great for when I’ve bought something big for several people and am yet to be paid back, or vice versa.

But it isn’t money you have or can spend? So it’s the opposite of real remaining money?

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Okay, ‘real’ probably a bad choice of words. To be clear, I’m thinking of this as an extra bit of info, not a replacement for your balance.
Basically, if I’ve just split a £100 payment with someone else and they might not pay back for a few days, the balance I’m really interested in is the balance I’ll have once reimbursed - at least in terms of budgeting and knowing what I have left for the month.

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What happens if they don’t want to give it you then your budget will be wrong.
It can only say what you have

Again, not as a replacement for balance. Just as an additional piece of info.
Also, note I said for shared tabs only, not split payments. I’d be very surprised if people didn’t pay off shared tabs.

People have enough trouble understanding the incredibly basic “Available to spend” when it’s the real money in their account, adding on money they may never get is going to cause a lot of problems.

If I have £50 in my account and I’m due £25 and then my balance shows £75, I spend £49 and then can’t buy food because I haven’t been paid back, that’s going to cause problems for people.

I’ve never used shared tabs, does it total up what you’re owed?

I’d only want it to be an optional feature! And again, as a clearly separate thing to your actual balance.

I just find it annoying that I do a big transaction for a group, and then until I’m fully paid back my budget for the month is messed up and I don’t know how much I realistically have left to spend until paid back. I know I will be paid back, but until I actually am I have to do my own maths to work out how much money I’ll have for the rest of the month.

And yes, they total it up. So useful with groups of friends or housemates.

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How would you have Monzo display this info?

I like this idea.
I used shared tabs all the time as well. I can see it just integrating into left to spend, like Direct Debits.
Maybe an option on the shared tab itself to include in summary? Just like on individual transactions, so users would know the terminology. Have it defaulted off.