Option for summary to be turned on or off again

Monzo is great! The summary is rubbish for someone like me who uses it specifically for daily spending such as groceries, petrol, online shopping, transferring money and other daily things. I do not get my salary paid into my monzo account so the summary page literally just shows me what I am spending which is not needed at all. Is the feature for it to be on or off still available if not it should be brought back

What would you put in its place instead, where the Summary tab is currently?

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The summary on my personal account is pointless but it’s really useful for the joint account and wouldn’t be without it. I just ignore the summary button while using my personal account, I don’t think it needs to be hidden or switched off though


If you don’t touch the Summary tab you won’t see the Summary…


Horses for courses… I DO get my salary paid into my Monzo account, and Summary is my go to view.


I don’t use summary, as Monzo is a spending account right now for me, and I just avoid the tab to be honest.

I do laugh, from time to time, when I accidentally click it and its predicting my doom of being vastly over budget.


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