Option for Roundups to be donated to Charity

Since the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the UK, the third sector (voluntary sector) has been impacted significantly with services being postponed and fundraising efforts scaled back. Many (if not all) charities have been hit hard financially as a result of the pandemic but simultaneously there is a huge increase in demand.
Put simply with thousands of cash collections unable to happen in 2020, every penny collected online counts. Charities need to adapt and embrace a better-use of technology, this could be the perfect way to help them on that journey.

I propose Monzo implement an “opt-in” scheme to connect with charities and present the opportunity for user roundups to be donated to a charity of their choice (perhaps from a list of charity partners). There is a real opportunity for Monzo to set an example of compassion and charity being at the forefront of their work during and post Covid-19.

Hi. Welcome.

You can see info on this here

But not likely anytime soon

Thank you for the links! Hopefully will see this progress :slight_smile:

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