Create new accounts with a tab under accounts

(William Brown) #1

Here it may be a different bank with features coming along but I hear others saying forget it there’s other things out there just use that but when I look at it going elsewhere just costs you more in the long run

I suggested a Euro current account to work like a UK current account same features as UK current account has and a card for the Euro current account etc but more things are coming along so I think a tab on the app saying accounts to allow to choose which account means we can have these accounts such as joint accounts single UK current accounts pots and maybe others such as the euro current account the savings account with interest maybe other things along in the future can be accessed from this tab so it’s all in one place. Once you select the account you can do everything as you can just now but maybe slight tweaks as this happens.

The Euro current account is something people would benefit from and Euro covers many European countries so it would fit in well and be an addition to the UK current account and not a reserve for the super rich to go to a legacy bank or a forgein bank to get this and certainly I will rather stick with monzo to do things more than go elsewhere and pay extra a lot more per year which I do find the now. I think a lot can be achieved with accounts tab and extra accounts and services and a better rewards scheme than the legacy banks can offer developed specifically for monzo customers

(Jack) #2

Hi @wbrowngala112,

Although not the exact answer to your question, this highlights Monzo’s current position on the topic:

International transfers are coming very soon to Monzo, within the next 3 months. Until then if you require the ability to receive Euro’s into your GBP account they recommend you use

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(William Brown) #3

The whole point of what I’m saying is with an accounts tab somewhere the ideas can flow in to place and extras can be added maybe Euro or savings accounts maybe insurance the ideas can be endless but it’s all down to how things are designed to how it can work and it’s not all about what’s given but how it’s designed to make what’s given better flow whilst not being like the rest

(#savetheseabass) #4

Better flow is always good.

The way Monzo were doing it for marketplace was an icon to tap to see the various providers. More info here

(William Brown) #5

I think monzo can offer a good range of products themselves and work with others to offer products along side monzos own products and services to have the best of both worlds whilst monzo customers benefit I think people who think monzo should do limited with market place filling in the rest should open to monzo offering more as well as the market place to have a happy combination that works

(#savetheseabass) #6

Monzo’s idea has been to act as a control hub, integrating with other providers to provide services such as insurance and pensions. These can be signed up for without friction within the Monzo app and also controlled from there.

(William Brown) #7

It’s good they are doing this or planning it but to get people they need good solid products they offer themselves so that it’s no just all about others but happy link between the two

(#savetheseabass) #8

They’ve got 3/4 of a million without it so far. Don’t think they’re doing too badly :grin:

(William Brown) #9

Monzo might like to rub their hands debit cards are overtaking cash as payment method of choice and contactless is main reason so Apple Pay introduction helps a lot to that but don’t think UK will do a Sweden no cash society no cash bank strategy where it’s all digital