Euro current account with separate card

(William Brown) #1

Have a Euro account doing the same as what monzo does with current accounts but allowing integration with SEPA payments and direct debits and have a different card for the Euro account which would work for people who deal with the Euro countries either traveling or day to day banking. At present many have to look to a country like Ireland to open accounts in euros so they can pay Euro to people and have direct debits etc it would work if there is a specific account that allows real exchange rate transfers between the current account and Euro account this will be an extra to monzo current account and an added bonus.

An current account with euro as its currency would be good it would make life easier and having a separate card would be good and to have it work on Apple Pay etc would be good anything to make life easier would help


Just like Monese do

(William Brown) #3

Monzo can do things differently and moneese isn’t a bank like monzo they are not covered by the financial compensation scheme as they follow prepaid top up card rules monzo can offer as extra Euro savings pots with interest and maybe an overdraft or even credit card for Euro and also credit card for pound sterling too they can do a lot I think

(William Brown) #4

Monzo could offer cash back for using the card and extras like points etc to encourage people to use the Euro card or the current account things that can make monzo stand out

(William Brown) #5

I had monese but gave it up as it wasn’t worth it as it wasn’t worthwhile and I think there can be better provided than currently is on the market


Yes, we know what Monzo COULD do, but my point was that until they do there are other UK options without having to have an account IN Ireland or Germany etc.

(William Brown) #7

Ive saw what’s available and the cost you pay for having them I use revolut and I pay £6.99 a month so it’s not cheep I mean monzo can do things different to all those available the now to shake up banking

(William Brown) #8

Revolut have max top up or bank transfer in yearly total of £4000 going up to £25000 if they think you can have that limit not guaranteed


Those low limits make it not viable as an account for many people

(William Brown) #10

That’s what I say but their were wary about removing £25000 limit unless they can prove you get more

(William Brown) #11

Day to day use of an account can make it more than the yearly limit and can look more than what you earn cause you move money around regularly and at times take money from savings etc but doing that isn’t income so they can’t raise a limit just how you use an account

(William Brown) #12

If you can prove it you can have a very high limit but it’s on income or tax returns etc not going on use of an account