Opera is buying a digital bank Fjord

This is really interesting, a browser company getting into fin-tech, they have about 360 million users at the moment so quite a nice potential client base.

Lithuanian Bank as well.


Wow. Very intriguing.

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Another attempt at Chinese world domination…

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Agreed. Opera very rapidly turned in an incredibly dodgy company for privacy. I wouldn’t trust them for banking, and definitely not for browsing.

“Free VPN” tells you everything you need to know.


Oh damn. What happened with them re privacy?

Long time user and hadn’t heard anything yet.

Take a Quick look on Reddit , and that’s just from the Opera homepage from what I gather?


On a completely different note, the launch of digital challenger Monument Bank a few days ago made me chuckle. Its SEO is already shot to pieces, as there’s a rather large tube station already called Monument Bank :joy:

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That’s certainly not good. Ffs.

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