Bad challenger banks

I wouldn’t be so sure.

Who’s responsible for hiring, to make sure they don’t hire monkeys?

This reminds of Orange Bank. Orange is a big shitty company that provides mobile & broadband services in France (and can’t even get those right - I mean look at their website, feels like travelling back in time when web “portals” were still a thing).

They tried (and failed*) to launch their own challenger bank called Orange Bank. They brought in teams of “consultants” to have meetings for the sake of having meetings, and one year down the line nothing was completed. They even fired the first consultants to replace them by equally-useless ones from another company, but the outcome was the same as you’d expect.

All of that because someone hired “consultants” instead of actually assembling a proper software development team. I’m worried that the RBS project might end up being the same.

Edit: seems like they finally launched, after a delay (the initial launch was scheduled for April 17’ I believe) - the website & design says so much about them that I would be scared to actually download the app. :joy:

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Have you used Orange Bank? I looked at them when I thought I might end up in France for a bit, but it all seemed a little meh… (I concluded that N26 was the only real option, but that was hobbled slightly because of lots of French companies only accept hardcoded FR- IBANs :frowning_face:)

Valiant attempt to keep on topic: I wonder when Starling will enter the French market?

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Have you used Orange Bank?

What crime did I commit to have to suffer such punishment? :joy:

No I haven’t used it, the brand, website and onboarding flow says enough.

I wonder when Starling will enter the French market?

No idea but they would be a very welcome addition. The French challenger bank market is nonexistent (please ignore the clowns mentioned above). Starling may have its drawbacks but it’s still light-years ahead of anything you’d get in France.

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“Je fournis deux justificatifs d’identité et un justificatif de domicile” sounds awfully analogue to me… I’m fearing the post… Or Orange Store (actually they’ve the odd branch, haven’t they?)… Fingers crossed that it can be done in app…

… like Starling.

(Ok enough Orange Bank, Peter :wink:)


Yeah they say on the homepage that you can upload them in the app.

Might be worth splitting these posts into its own “Bad challenger banks” thread as to stay on topic? :+1:t2: @evangelskies any chance you could do that?

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@anon23935806 I’m 7 hours late but I’ve moved the most off-topic bits now :sparkles: you may continue to diss the challenger banks that are comparable to “legacy rust” on here :wink:


I haven’t seen much about Atom? There was so much about them in general few years ago but now it seems like they are not as prominent on the market?

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So there’s now two Starling topics?


I never really took a look at their offering since I signed up for Monzo, Starling, Revolut, Curve, etc… and was getting bogged down with a whole bunch of apps. They seem to be more focused on fixed savers and mortgages which is a different focus (no current account) to other competitors oft-discussed, but it isn’t quite relevant for my needs right now.

It’s been discussed on this (mostly dead) thread but the common sentiment on it seems to be that the UX is dreadful, but people use it for the competitive rates. The site says it is “UK’s first bank built exclusively for your phone”, if that’s the case it must have been around a lot longer?

Think l had an Atom account in 2016…

I’ve got several fixed rate savings accounts with Atom. They don’t seem to be doing anything new which is why nobody hears anything about them. You only see them on money saving experts top fixed saver charts, they just seem to be ticking along rather than innovating now. I really wish they’d make a normal app :neutral_face:

(edit) having said that they’ve fallen off the top savers charts now as well

Interesting… I remember I got a job offer from them the same week I decided to actually leave the country for a bit. I know i was excited and considering it but for some reason it didn’t feel right. Too bad as that could have been Durham’s most successful startup ever!

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I never saved anything with Atom, logging in to the app with your voice and a pin was just damn annoying!

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