Opening an Account For Someone Outside the Country

(David Zilvys) #1

I live in the UK, my partner lives in Japan. I was hoping it’s possible for me to create a monzo account for her under her name but my home address. Is this allowed or not?


Ha, I was going to say “no”, because in the old Prepaid T&C it said so quite clearly. However, in the Current Account T&C residency etc. isn’t mentioned. Am I missing something? Those can’t be the full T&C, as they cover only a tiny fraction of what needs to be covered? (I know, ending a statement with a question mark … shows how confused I am, right now …)

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I don’t see why not; worst case scenario you get a notice the account will be closed in X days (30 or 60 usually) and you can move on - you don’t loose anything by trying.

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(Naji Esiri) #4

@Dzilvys we can’t currently open accounts for non UK residents who don’t have a registered address in the UK i’m afraid :disappointed:

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@Naji Can I ask where that’s written down? I’d really love to know where the full T&Cs are…

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@nanos Within our T+C’s we make reference that we are authorised to providing banking service in the UK.

In order to keep our terms short and simple, relevant information is sometimes included in supporting areas of the app instead - in this case during the sign up flow when we ask for a UK address, and then a selfie video to verify it is you signing up for the account!


This is interesting, because suddenly the following is no longer a breach of terms, and I’d thus be entitled to do so:

  1. Sign up with valid UK address.
  2. Move out of UK and don’t tell you.

In the days of the prepaid one could argue that this was a breach of T&Cs (although they weren’t clear on that). Now, however, it wouldn’t be, and I’d be totally free to do so …

However, if I moved, say, to Germany, you’d be screwed as you suddenly no longer followed the CRS that would require you to report my income to the Germany authorities.

Am I missing something?


Would a PO box count?


It would have to be a big PO Box for it to be your residence in the UK…most are too small to sleep in


Define “residence” then… would a hotel for one day count? Would renting a place but never actually being there count?

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exactly…I think things like that need to be in T&Cs!

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True; however I think this is more for anti money laundering rules and so as a result a PO box should count as the PO box provider presumably validated your identity & other address.


They should do…the Post Office do (or did for me)…but with one private company they wanted proof of my address when I had just moved so I typed up a letter to myself and they were happy to take my address off that letter :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly it. I applaud the idea of keeping t&cs short, and hate it when they go into the dozens (or even hundreds) of pages. Buy if they don’t address the very basics, then that’s not good either, and I think monzo might be in real trouble one day with those t&cs…

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Any updates around “residence” definition?


I think you can open an account without UK residency. As nanos says, residency is not mentioned in T&C. And according to this post, you can create an account with a friend’s address if you have their permission. Monzo don’t ask for address proof either.