Opening a Natwest Account

I am in the process of opening a Natwest Select Account to take advantage of their (now closed) £150 switching offer.

What a palaver! So far, it’s been a week and I have received 6 emails, am yet to successfully initiate the switch (not clear whether the blame lies with Natwest or Starling), haven’t received my card or PIN and am not yet set up with online banking. No wonder they have to pay people to open an account with them! :rofl:

When I took advantage of their £125 a couple of years ago, I suffered three transaction fails on their application screens, resulting in me going in to a branch instead, and having three hard credit searches recorded against my credit file, despite clearly stating I did not want an overdraft facility!

Went smoothly after branch interaction, but remotely was painful. Got my £125 then switched it out to another CASS offer with a different bank.

See nothing to ever rush back for. And they were my first ever bank back in the eighties.

Why would switch from Starling to Natwest?
Natwest is vastly inferior

Because they offered £150. I’m #FullMonzo so it makes no difference to me.

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