Open Banking

That last line:

After that, we’ll ask you to verify yourself again.

Doesn’t seem right. Shouldn’t it be confirmation authorisation again

In this use case, they both effectively mean the same thing. I would say that while your suggestion may be more accurate, Monzo’s phrasing is slightly easier to understand and - more importantly - friendlier.


That phasing just reads as if you personally is being verified rather than the permission/s you have granted. Maybe change yourself to this?

There is an interesting reason why it’s phrased like this, and it’s to do with the law and our interpretation of it :slightly_smiling_face:

Specifically under the law, Monzo must verify the identity of the customer and send them back to the third party. It is the responsibility of the third party (a licensed, regulated entity) to obtain the consent of the customer.

This means that banks can’t seek additional approval or perform additional checks as part of the authentication flow. Doing so might be considered anti-competitive and banks (rightly) need to show that they are not putting barriers in the way to make it more difficult for customers to connect to third parties.

This means we need to use appropriate language and keep the flow as short as possible.

When I have more time I will write a blog post on our Open Banking approach and I am also delivering this talk at Fintech Connect in December this year - but I don’t think it will be recorded sadly, so I might do an open office as well.


Just seen that Monzo now shows up in the NatWest app :eyes:


It works! There is no use for this whatsoever (NatWest app is steam powered) but a great proof of concept. I’d ideally like to see my NatWest data in Monzo!

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No Monzo logo :monzo: though. Typical NatWest!!

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They probably have to pay a fee or something to add a logo :roll_eyes:

It worked very smoothly. Like you I’d love the NatWest account showing in Monzo instead. Hopefully won’t be too long before it happens

I’ve just updated my NatWest app, and I still don’t see Monzo in the list of banks available. Weird.

Monzo just showed up on my list, so I guess it’s a staged roll-out, but the flow breaks when Monzo tries to redirect me back to Natwest app: