New(?) SaltEdge Support for Monzo or just Open Banking?

As user of MoneyWiz, they rely on Yodlee and SaltEdge for online banking integration. Neither supported Monzo, so you can request support directly with SaltEdge. I did this twice, I think. Once back in 2017 and having heard nothing, again in June this year.

I just had two emails this morning - nearly identical. Both saying: “We’re happy to announce that the bank you’ve requested is already supported by Salt Edge.” (my emphasis)

They differ in the URL they cite is supported an may reflect my requests being different - one points to the Monzo API/Developers page and the other the Emergency Web Interface.

Odd wording aside, there’s no sign of direct support and I wonder if this isn’t SaltEdge just clearing out the EU bank requests knowing they should theoretically support Open Banking this month.

Which begs two questions:

  1. What’s the latest position, as the deadline looms, on Open Banking in Monzo - the web pages flit about the position to reflect the changes to the goalposts. @simonb said in February:

My understanding is that we comply with the Open Banking standards and then some.

In practice, is this being used by (many) other aggregators yet? I note NatWest appear to be using it.

  1. Has anyone managed to use SaltEdge to connect to Monzo and was it ‘native’ or Open Banking?

I’m only seeing a sandbox Monzo connection :thinking:

Well that’s more than I see - so it’s progress of sorts. Has Trump had input on the counties?!

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