One of the first cards delivered outside london!

(James Allington-Kay) #1

Hey everyone, I got my card in the post yesterday! I think im right in saying im one of the first to get that?

Just looking at the developers.getmondo site and i cant see anything that other mondo users have done?

Is there a central platform for people that have used the API and made something?

Looking forward to using my card more, i love it so far!

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Yay :slight_smile: Definitely one of the first – we’re running a limited trial right now to check everything works well. In terms of things built on the API, check out @rdingwall’s amazing canonical list of projects:, as well as this list of API wrappers: Community supported API wrappers. There’s also a couple of other projects found by searching on the forum: Lots more to come and better discovery of projects soon :smiley:

Hope that helps! Please keep us updated on how the card goes and feel free to ask any questions