Community supported API wrappers

Thought it’d cool to keep a list of community supported api wrappers here.

Tito Costa came to the second hackathon and wrote a client library in python. I’ve extracted the client library from his hackathon project and adopted it to my github repo.

PR’s welcome!


C# Mondo API Client:

Grab it here:

Supports authentication, accounts, balances, transactions, feed items, web hooks, native file IO for uploading attachments, token refresh etc. PRs welcome!


Go Mondo client:


Node client:

npm install mondo-bank

Allows methods to be called as promises or in a callback style.

All current methods implemented - docs and tests to come.

Also, another package mondo-node just got published on npm 6 hours ago

I claimed all methods implemented - but I just noticed I missed balance

Added now :wink:

Now with docs, tests and a cli tool


Sweet - I was just working on adding all the API methods to mondo-node (I just pushed it this afternoon so I could push the experiments I was building with it), but I’m not particularly excited by the idea of maintaining an API client (I just wanted one to exist); happy to delete mine and use yours.

A completely untested Clojure API wrapper here: Supports all functionality currently outlined in the API docs.

I’ll hopefully get a client secret key to be able to test with soon.


Will there be any notifications of when methods are added/changed? Via the blog? Email? RSS?

If you Watch the docs github repo ( you will be automatically notified of any changes :eyes:


That’s good to know @rdingwall

Through the github repo I also found the developer mailing list - anyone know if there are any archives to peruse?

No archives for that mailing list yet (we haven’t actually used it!). We’ll probably post API changes in this forum as well as to the list :smile: but the API is still very much a work in progress and is not yet stable!

Is it an idea to pin this topic so that people can see what’s already been done? :boom:

I’ve started a list of useful Monzo developer resources - client libraries, presentations, apps, blog posts etc. Please send me a message (or better yet, a pull request) if you see anything missing! :mag: :love_letter:


Now pinned @solidgoldpig :slightly_smiling:

I love this so much @rdingwall - once we have all the oAuth stuff in the API, really keen to publicise this more

@simon forked the python sdk! awesome work!

I’ll be contributing as soon as i can :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the .net wrapper :slight_smile:

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I tried to play around with the Python wrapper, but since my account doesn’t come with any username or password, it’s essentially broken for me. I forked it out and rewrote it almost from scratch: gabalese/mondo-python. Feel free to fork, comment, etc.


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