One card failing on Stagecoach bus, not others

My wife is having trouble with her Monzo personal card on Stagecoach North East buses. Her joint card works fine, as does my Plus card.

This is all Apple Pay so its not a physical card fault (we don’t use these buses very often so haven’t had a chance to check the physical card yet, but also its usually buried at the bottom of her bag so not convenient).

There’s no decline notification so it seems to be failing on the machine (I guess as you’d expect for offline reader).

Both cards are relatively recent (personal expires 05/28, joint expires 08/28).

Any ideas? Is re-adding to Apple Pay or ordering a new card likely to help?

If theres no notification in the app, then Monzo haven’t recieved any transaction request. If it’s via Apple Pay then a new card will likely not fix the issue unless your wife also has issues with the physical card which you say she hasn’t tested.

May be worth trying to remove and readd the card to Apple Pay.

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Strangely enough I had the self same problem with Stagecoach quite recently and it turned out their system had,for some reason blocked my card. No idea why! An email to Stagecoach customer services sorted it out. Might be worth a try .

There’s a new bin with new coral cards.

Machines will need updating to be compatible with new coral cards.

There was a big thread on it recently with sumup. Sumup have allegedly fixed it in their end, but Monzo cards are still commonly declining when used via Apple Pay on the island here.

Thanks everyone, some useful info there. I’ll check the BIN tonight as that seems like a very likely suspect and I guess follow up with Stagecoach and the acceptance team if that’s looking like the issue.

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Hm, BIN is the same across all cards after all.

Usually takes a couple of hours for the notification to come through on Monzo, but usually accepted on the bus…

If you’ve previously had a payment declined then Stagecoach will block the card:

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Ah that tallies. Thanks Dan, we’ll give that a try!