One authorised message and multiple charges for individual items

I bought 2 items from the same website and got a Monzo notification straight away for the full cost (£29.97). The confirmation email says that my card will only be debited once the items are shipped.

Minutes later I got another Monzo notification for a £6.98 payment to the same website (Cost of one of the items) and got an email from the website saying that one of the items had been shipped and the other one was out of stock but would be shipped in the next few days.

From reading the 3 second sandwich post (, I imagine the website has sent authorisation message for the full amount (£29.97) to ensure my card could cover the cost, but has no intention of having this included in the presentment files which Monzo will receive, which for other card companies it would mean the transaction is never actually performed. They will instead include each item as individual transactions. Unfortunately this means that I will be charged - even if only for a while - twice for these items. What is the deadline for transactions to be included in presentment files? At what point will Monzo realise that the initial transaction was just a check and therefore I will get refunded? Or will this transaction will forever remain “pending” until I inform Monzo?

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sorry to hear your troubles with your order ,but not being funny …

I should ask Monzo directly using either the in app chat or email to either of which lets you speak to Monzo employees rather than hoping a Monzo employee will pick this up on the public forum

found these links on the search “frying pan” by - refunds of pending payments ? - :wink:

and this

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I knew there had to be an answer there somewhere, thanks for the links. Searched everything except the obvious “refund pending payment” :joy: Not concerned about it now to be perfectly honest was just more curios about timings. I’ll wait the 10 days and then get in contact with them if I don’t see a refund!!