Old Employer Taking Time On Giving Me P45

Hi Everyone

So I resinged from my job due to mental health issues caused by working 12 hour shifts and will be starting a new job in a couple weeks.
My Final pay was due on Friday which was fine but I have no P45.
I’ve got time 2 weeks + the week in hand before my new job would need to pay me but i’d rather not get emergency taxed.

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Tough times and I hope things are starting to move to a better place :slight_smile:

EDIT: Below helps

From experience most employers I’ve had have been able to work it out without the P45, as it’s mostly online these days

Hopefully the above is of use, I’ll wait for someone better versed in this area to offer more detailed advice.

Fill in a p46 with the new employer, and as long as your tax code wasn’t something random it should be fine.


P46 is no longer in use and you would need to complete the New Starter Checklist which has replaced it Starter checklist for PAYE - GOV.UK Since we moved across to RTI a number of years back it’s much quicker to get you onto the correct code


That’s what I was thinking of.

Was it not called a p46? Or am I confused with another form.

Just checked the gov site and it’s basically the same form, just a new name.

Used to be a p46 but they’ve been gone for a few years and from memory it was around the time RTI was launched and as more functionality has been added to the personal tax account


I don’t think I’ve ever received a P45 before I started a new job and have completed the checklist every time and only been emergency taxed once since 2017.

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RTI did away with a lot of the paper forms as employers tend to get electronic P2 Coding Notices via their payroll software or to their payroll bureau if outsourced. Codes are then updated into the FPS submissions that they make to HMRC when staff are paid. Occasionally it doesn’t work as it should and the new starter checklist is required if a BR code is applied

They always change names of these forms.

Hey Ian

I will say that I was emergency taxed for like 3 months and I got my p45 over to the new employer after I fished it out from my filing and they were able to update my details and basically on my most recent pay cheque I actually got given money back. So don’t worry. It’s annoying to begin with but once you get the p45 over to them they’ll sort it.

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Thanks but i’m not the original poster but I do have an amount of insider knowledge on how it all works :slight_smile:


Apologies. Loool

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every day is a learning day, thanks @JIMMWX.

(I’ve been with the same employer now since 2010, so not something like this isn’t on my radar now but I used to always be emergency taxed between previous employers)

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That would make sense - thankfully a lot has changed and to be honest it was @IanG that did all of the heavy lifting in terms of the right answers.