Receipt scanning instead of receipt photos

(Sam Buddington) #1

Much like scanning apps that apply crop and filter adjustments to photos of paper this would be great in the add receipt button. Many business’ still need paper based expense submission so printing cropped scans would be a lot easier than photos. On that note- export all expenses to PDF for printing would be really useful as well :slight_smile:

Receipts download
(Andrew Schofield) #2

Further to that, attaching PDFs would be a welcome addition for my online transactions.



Would be great if the receipt/invoice upload was more like the camscanner apps…where it recognises corners, auto adjusts for perspective…Also needs pinch to zoom once the receipt is uploaded, otherwise it’s practically useless…etc. great app otherwise

(Tim Banting) #4

Maybe Monzo could make use of something like Microsoft Office Lens? I like the way it automatically crops documents. Usually, I save that to the gallery and then add as an attachment to my Monzo transaction. You can save scans as a pdf.


Monzo will integrate with 3rd parties like Flux to end the days of paper receipts.

(Tim Banting) #6

All well and good but not easy when your company expense department want scanned receipts for expenses, or your accountant for tax returns.

Please don’t innovate for the sake of innovation- look to solve real-life problems first.

(Dan Woodhouse) #7

I think that is unfair. I’d much rather collate all my receipts electronically and get rid of paper ones entirely. It suits me, but it obviously wouldn’t suit you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t innovative though.

(MikeF) #8

For work expense claims I need paper original receipts.

I work for a large tech company. :disappointed:

(Dan Woodhouse) #9

I’m sure there will always be an option for paper receipts and if not businesses will have to adapt the way they work!

I too need paper receipts for expenses, but just ask for one if they try email me one!


It’s funny because I always thought my industry is behind in everything tech. I work in construction and for past 5 years with two different companies never had to submit paper receipts. At my previous company use to scan and send at current one we use Xero.