Add receipts / line item / transaction detail in app

I’d like to be able to manually add receipts to Monzo.

I don’t mean taking a photo and attaching it to a transaction - you can do that already. And I don’t mean the notes field (although that’s kinda helpful as a half-way house).

I mean that for each transaction there would be a separate option to add receipt line items, so that it appears a bit like if you’ve been to a Flux-enabled merchant. You can see what that looks like on the [Flux website].

I’ve been copying / pasting emails into the notes section, by that’s not been working well. I’d rather a UI that helps separate between the quantity, item and price fields.

In the future, I’d also like OCR for receipts, or a more integrated way of getting email receipt information into Monzo.

(cc @Sherlock who I know has done some amazing third-party work in this space).